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In Australia there is a significant amount of support, information and research available about sexual assault.

Here are some websites, resources and publications to assist victims of sexual assault, their family and loved ones, as well as those people working to prevent sexual assault and its impact on people.


Related websites

Resources, publications and acknowledgements



Related websites

Victims Services:

NSW Rape Crisis Centre:


Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault:

NSW Police Force:

NSW Police Force - adult sexual assault:

About Date Rape:

Justice Journey - Information for victims of crime about going to court in NSW (DVD):

NSW Health, Education Centre Against Violence:

NSW Health, directory of sexual assault services in NSW:

CASAC (Child and Adolescent Sexual Assault Counsellors):

Eastern and Central Sydney Sexual Assault Service:



For in-line publications of legislation , go to the official NSW Government website.

Women's Legal Services:

Department of Community Services (DoCS):

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services:

Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Womens' Legal Centre:

Commission for Children and Young People:

Enough is Enough :

Victims of Crime Assistance League (VOCAL) NSW:

Intellectual Disability Rights Service (Criminal Justice Support Network):

Resources, publications and acknowledgements

The creators of this website acknowledge the contribution of the representatives of the following agencies:
Education Centre against Violence-NSW Health, NSW Police Force, Department of Community Services, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, NSW Rape Crisis Centre, Child and Adolescent Sexual Assault Counsellors (CASAC), Commission for Children and Young People and various Business Centres in the Department of Justice and Attorney General.

Acknowledgement is also given to the many resources and publications used, including the image used from the Flickr website and those contacts listed below:

Department of Attorney General & Justice and other Government Departments Resource
Victims Services

The Charter of Victims Rights contains 18 rights and explains what to do if the victim feels their rights under the Charter are not being met.
Available from: 

DVD: Justice Journey - Information for victims of crime about going to court in NSW.
Available from: 

Crime Prevention Division
This site provides information and resources about date rape to girls who may have been assaulted, their friends and family. Date rape is when someone you know makes you have sex when you don't want to.
Diversity Services

DVD: So you have to go to court!
Provides basic information and tips for people with cognitive disabilities who a required to attend court. The DVD can be viewed online.

Legal Aid
Education Centre Against Violence (ECAV)
Phone: (02) 9840 3737 for publications and details about training.
Some useful publications:
  • Helping to make it better. Helping your child
    Information for parents and carers about the sexual assault of children.
  • Recovering from sexual assault navigating the journey Information for women who have been sexually assaulted.
  • When a man is raped
    Information for men who have recently been sexually assaulted.
  • Who can a man tell?
    This is for men who were sexually assaulted as children.
  • What is sexual assault?
    A multilingual booklet on sexual assault
  • Big shame
    A video about child sexual assault in the Aboriginal community.
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. NSW
Toll free: 1800 814 534
Information for Witnesses
A booklet which gives information about criminal prosecutions, for witnesses.
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Yarrow Place. Government of South Australia What choice do I have?
A booklet which gives Information for People who have experienced a rape or sexual assault in South Australia.
NSW Government initiative Keep Them Safe
A NSW government 5 year action plan to imprive the safety and well being of children.
Domestic Violence Resource Centre, Victoria Bursting the Bubble
A website for children about domestic violence.
Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Through Young Black Eyes
A series of resources to help you develop safe communities and protect children form the impact of family violence and child abuse.
Department of Community Services.
NSW Interagency Guidelines for Child Protection Intervention. 2006
Eastern and Central Sexual Assault Service (part of Sydney South West Area Health Service)
Victims Services, DAGJ
Victims Services is part of the NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice and helps victims of crime in New South Wales access services and entitlements to assist in their recovery.
Phone: 1800 633 063
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Witness Assistance Service
Provide information, assistance and support to victims and their families in cases prosecuted by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Phone: 1800 814 534
NSW Health
The NSW Health Services website has a directory of sexual assault services located in your area. Sexual Assault Services provide access to 24 hour counselling, medical assessment and treatment , to adults and children and their non-offending families and friends.
Non Government Organisations (NGOs)
CASAC (funded by DOCs)
Rosebank Child Sexual Abuse Service Inc.
Liverpool BC NSW 1871
Phone: (02) 9601 3790
Fax: (02) 9601 3676
CASAC Inc. (Child and Adolescent Sexual Assault Counsellors) is a NSW peak body for community-based services providing Child sexual assault counselling and support services to children, young people and adults, and their non-offending family members. Adult survivors of child sexual assault may receive counselling. It has 16 organisational members throughout NSW.
NSW Rape Crisis
Phone: 1800 424 017
PO Box 555, Drummoyne NSW 2047, Australia
NSW Rape Crisis is a 24-hour telephone and online crisis, support and referral service for anyone in NSW who has experienced sexual violence.
Rosie's Place.
Phone: (02) 9625 2599
A child's guide to counselling. For children who have experienced child sexual assault



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