Changes to Laws

Laws have changed to improve the way victims of sexual assault are treated in the court system.

More details are available in the information sheet: Changes in laws to assist victims of sexual assault (PDF 119KB) or text-only.

To promote the changes and this website there is also a Promotional Card (PDF 238KB) or text-only.
The website will be updated to reflect new changes to laws and procedures. Please note that the information provided is of a general nature to provide you with an overview and does not address the entire process.

If you have specific questions or issues about a case, speak with a lawyer or counsellor.

There are many laws relating to sexual assault detailed on the NSW Government website, including those which have been amended:

  • Criminal Procedure Amendment (Sexual and Other Offences) Act 2006
  • Criminal Procedure Amendment (Vulnerable Persons) Act 2007
  • Crimes Amendment (Consent and Sexual Assault Offences) Act 2007
  • Crimes Amendment (Cognitive Impairment - Sexual Offences) Act 2008
  • Evidence Amendment Act 2007
  • Crimes Amendment (Sexual Assault Offences) Act 2008
  • Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Victim Impact Statement) Act 2008
  • Crimes Act 1900
  • Criminal Procedure Amendment (Proceedings for Sexual and Other Offences) Act 2007.
  • Criminal Procedure Amendment (Sexual Assault Communications Privilege) Act 2002 (No13)
  • Children and Young Person's (Care and Protection) Act 1998
  • Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Amendment Act 2007
  • Crimes (Consent and Sexual Offences) Act 2007.